TheĀ Hanalei Dolphin CottagesĀ are currently unavailable as the owners are planning on doing renovations starting on 04/02/23, which may be subject to change. If so, we will keep your inquiry on file and reach out if the dates become available.

Directions to the Hanalei Dolphin Cottages

Driving directions

Driving time from the airport to the cottages will take approximately one hour.

  1. Upon leaving the airport head North.
  2. You will pass the town of Princeville.
  3. Once you cross over the one lane bridge (approx. 40 -50 min.) you will travel about 1 mile.
  4. The first building on the right is the Hanalei Dolphin Center.
  5. Turn right on the gravel road beside the building.
  6. You will come to a gate with a big dolphin on it. If it is closed you will need to push it open. The cottages are located at the end of this driveway.
  7. There are five cottages, the order of them begins with the first one you pass, this being Cottage #1, and the number increases consecutively as you drive pass each cottage. Once you locate the cottage numerically, pull in the driveway and make your self at home.

You made it, relax, and enjoy!

Hanalei Dolphin Cottages

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